The Augur, Providence

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The Augur, Providence is an android clown made from amusement pier androids and other miscellaneous parts. She is a void person, formerly a level-up character in a video game, who was summoned and embodied by a digital witch.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Augur, Providence is biracial and looks like the third-wave feminist Rebecca Walker. Her character concept is "what if the Maiden in Black from Demon Souls was an android clown and also had the face of the feminist theory Rebecca Walker?"

Her torso comes from fortune-telling androids, her long legs from acrobats, and her face and arms from clowns. Her eyes flicker like the warming and cooling of light bulbs. She wears clothing with striking colours and sigils, and clown face paint on half her face, similar in appearance to Trowa Barton from Gundam. After her run-in with the demon Agarat, her right hand bears Agarat's sigil.

She sometimes carries a sun parasol, which she uses as an umbrella.[1]

In Dream Askew, her clothes are tattered, having been cut from the robotic clown costume, with the arms of her clothing baggy enough that they hang down so that the sigils on her flesh/machinery arms are visible (factory seals, barcodes, etc.).

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hope and mischief are fires that we must keep ever burning, or we will face eternal darkness.

She is able to provide guidance and information, although her perspective sometimes makes her feel separate from the others in Bluffington Beach. She believes that a looming threat faces Bluffington Beach.

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

The Augur, Providence may have been created by a pessimistic queer theorist.[2] Her gender is predestined; she "might choose womanhood for herself" but has some anxiety around the nurturing-yet-desirable gender that was imposed on her by others.[3] She is a member of a queer enclave in post-apocalyptic Bluffington Beach, and though she and Samantha dated for a while, they recently broke up.[2]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Students[edit | edit source]

She has a number of 'students', people (like Already) who come to her for advice on going into or coming from the world past the commune. During their race to the lighthouse, she was able to call on them to defend her.

Robyn[edit | edit source]

She has asked Robyn to fix a full-body manikin that looks like her. It has broken wooden organs inside its chest, and she found it in a storage room at the bottom of an escalator.

In "Dream Askew" she was described as having an old reel-to-reel containing notes from her creator, which she had not yet asked Robyn to fix, but this was discarded when the game was picked back up in "Give Way to Open Sky Pt. 1".

Samantha[edit | edit source]

She and Samantha dated, but their breakup takes place at the end of "Dream Askew". During the breakup, the Augur, Providence unfairly accuses Samantha of using her role at her bar for personal gain and to rejoin the society intact, leaving their group behind. They both conclude that their attention is too split by their busy, socially complex roles in the community for them to date. (In "Give Way to Open Sky", the cast suggests this conversation is caught in the 'dream' of the Bluff-Blough-Bluffington alternate timelines.)

During their later encounter with the demon Agarat, Samantha and the Augur, Providence are able to briefly share one another's thoughts and experiences, giving each of them a different perspective on one another and on their previous relationship.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

All routines and mundane knowledges crumble under the weight of apocalypse. But the Torch has answers. Are they ancient teachings, ecstatic fantasy, or a new faith dawning? Followers draw near to their warm glow.

The Torch is a compelling individual. Their power is spiritual, social, and mystical.

Dream Askew play kit

Rituals[edit | edit source]

  • Close reading of the holy texts (technical expertise) - these holy texts are a collection of old World War 2 and Vietnam era army 'how-to' guides and old textbooks
  • Tripping the circuit (keeping electricity on)

Lure[edit | edit source]

Whenever someone participates in one of your rituals for the first time, they get a token.

References[edit | edit source]