Frankie Bianchi

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Frankie "Beanball" Bianchi is a former major league player who "doesn’t have it enough to be in major league any more" and so has moved down to the minor leagues to be a player/coach of The Bluff City Blackjacks.

After discovering the aliens who have been sent to Earth, he decides to help them, hiding them, helping them to find housing, and inducting them into the Blackjacks as players, although he has doubts that he is doing the right thing by them.

He is direct when speaking, but he uses "lots of idioms", and has a tendency to be unsupportive, especially when upset.

Although his nickname is "Beanball" some people call him “Beanbag”, either as a sign of disrespect or because they don’t remember his actual nickname.

When he appeared in Aliens in the Outfield, he was played by Blake Blossom.