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Alicia Acampora, also known as Ali, is a cast member on Friends at the Table and the producer and audio editor of the show. She took over production duties from Keith J. Carberry midway through COUNTER/Weight. She also features on the Star Wars podcast A More Civilized Age alongside Austin Walker.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season Role(s)
Seasons of Hieron Hella Varal
COUNTER/Weight Aria Joie
Jace Rethal (Kingdom Arc)
Marielda Charter Castille
Twilight Mirage Tender Sky
PARTIZAN Kal'mera Broun
Eiden Teak (Millennium Break Arc)
Sangfielle Marn Ancura
PALISADE Kalvin Brnine

Patreon Games[edit | edit source]

Season Game Character
Bluff City The Cost of Greed Alexa Baker
There is No Greater Love Christine (Chris) Andrews
The Grapplers Down at Promenade Arena Aqua Illusion (Erica Rizzo)
Messy Business Agent Ryder
Hard Luck Judy Waters
Extracurricular: Out of Time Caitlin Key
Engines on the Track Froggy
Give Way to Open Sky Samantha
Live at the Table The Skeletons Rohan
Lady Blackbird Captain Flashback
Dream Askew Samantha
Bluff City Zoo Fiasco Darren Cruiser
Lasers and Feelings Blush Gosling
BFF! Sophia
Honey Heist Randy the Cowboy
Shooting the Moon Mellow Aster
Stewpot Cassin
Road to PARTIZAN Beam Saber Pigeon
Live at the Table Good Society Mint Charlise
Hawkers Granite Lead
You Can Check Out Any Time You Like... Blue Hour
Guess Whodunit? The Murderer
Road to PALISADE Stealing the Throne Omi
Wagon Wheel Ce Gull
Orbital Mustard Red
Upstairs & Downstairs Eileen Lilas
City Planning Department Apparatus Aperitif
Live at the Table Bluff City Zoo Fiasco TWO! Darren Cruiser
All Year Round... Grandpa's Farm Sable Butter