Aliens in the Outfield Pt. 2

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

Hey everyone! After over twenty months of waiting, we're finally returning to the baseball diamond with our game of Primetime Adventures! Join Austin as the producer, Art as Frankie "Beanball" Bianchi, Sylvia as "Lou-Ellen Llewellyn," and Keith as "Keith" as they finish out the final two acts of Angels in the Outfield, a game about baseball, America, and two nested fictional documentaries, one of which will determine the fate of the world.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Aliens in the Outfield pilot remained unfinished for years due to a writer’s strike, although the first half hour was leaked online.

Frankie pitches, confident in the information he and his son went over about the opposing team. Unfortunately, the opposing team’s aliens have unrestrained their suits, meaning that they are using their full alien strength. They hit it out of the park and Frankie’s confidence begins to crumble until he sees Paulie Patio cheering for the team from the owner’s box. Keith dives to get the ball, but misses. The ball is caught by the third-baseman who does a double-play. Frankie yells at Keith over missing the ball.

Lou-Ellen and Jak investigate the other team’s aliens, as they saw the other team’s mascot taking something into their locker room. Lou-Ellen calls the alien counsel as they look through the locker room, showing the counsel a holo-recording that the other alien’s have recorded that shows Earth in a negative light (news recording from the last twenty years) as well as baseballs (revealing that they have switched the regular baseballs with baseballs that will allow them to hit the balls further). Lou-Ellen realises that the other aliens have been sent to Earth for the opposite mission to their team.

Meanwhile, on the advice of Sal, Keith decides to switch up how he’s playing, bunting the ball in an attempt to get on base. He misses but it’s a close thing, and the crowd cheers for Keith as he is sent off the field, leaving Keith feeling positive about his play. Frankie greets him warmly as Keith enters the dugout, and Keith responds in kind.

Lou-Ellen returns, revealing the real baseballs to Frankie and the team and telling them about the Bloom’s cheating. They get the attention of the umpire (“Oh Mr Pire!”) in order to get rid of the other team’s “evil” balls. Unfortunately due to a miscommunication with the umpire about his balls, they get ejected from the grounds. They dump the baseballs on the ground and grabs the bag holding the “evil” balls. The bag bounces very high in the air, showing the umpire and the crowd that the baseballs are not regulation.

The game is indefinitely suspended as the umpires discuss the game, coming down in the team’s favour and cementing the two team’s rivalry.

They film another episode of their show, going to the Bloomington Observatory, serving as a nice discussion of a tourist attraction for their human reality show and a wink to their alien audience for their assignment on Earth. He also makes the case that an independent counsel should be brought down to assess the Earth, preventing the other alien group from influencing the decision about the Earth by cheating.

Frankie and Sal sit outside Paulie’s office, waiting for Frankie to go in for Paulie’s decision on whether or not he will remain the team’s coach. Frankie tells Sal about the upcoming decision (“They’re talking about not renewing my contract. And shortening my contract.”), and Sal is distressed by the news. Frankie does not pick up that Sal is looking to be reassured, leaving to talk to the team publicist and telling Sal to wait there.

The camera pulls back, showing each of the characters in their separate places as ‘Eminence Front’ by The Who plays.

Cast[edit | edit source]