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Sylvia Bullet, also known as Sylvi, is a cast member on Friends at the Table. She also co-hosts Emojidrome, a podcast about emoji aesthetics. Sylvia joined the cast in 2015 as a player in the COUNTER/Weight faction game.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season Characters
Seasons of Hieron Ephrim
COUNTER/Weight Faction game participant
Tea Kenridge (Kingdom Arc)
Jillian Red (Finale)
Marielda Aubrey
Twilight Mirage Echo Reverie
PARTIZAN Ver'million Blue
Agon Ortlights (Millennium Break Arc)
Sangfielle Virtue Mondegreen
PALISADE Coriolis Sunset

Patreon Games[edit | edit source]

Season Game Characters
Bluff City A Bowling Alley, a Boxer, and a Bird Doyle MacKaye
The Cost of Greed Syd Ruiz
The Eighty Six Max Lam (Eddy Changkul)
The Grapplers Down at Promenade Arena Charley Cupid (Chuck Buckley)
The Moving Pictures Eve Whitaker
To Be Young Near the Shore Corey "CC" Curtis
Engines on the Track Wrench
Live at the Table Misspent Youth Theo "Squid" Goldenrod
Aliens in the Outfield Lou-Ellen Llewellyn
Honey Heist Snowcone/Slushie/Sorbet
Road to PARTIZAN Armour Astir Cerise Sky
For the Queen Orbit Shard
Live at the Table GenCon Liveshow Marielda Aubrey Zosim
Stewpot Iris Alphonse
Quest Mana Mixup
Hawkers Mimi Marigold
Road to PALISADE Last Shooting Misericorde
Lancer Zark Vapor
Orbital Lament (Deutsch Synchro)
Upstairs & Downstairs Catrina Solstice
Eyes of a Killer The Slow Knife Gabrielle Feldspar