Memoriam College (Marielda)

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This page is for the institution in Marielda. For the one in the Buoy, see Memoriam College (The Buoy).

The Rector and College of the Last Living Spirits, in Memoriam, For Their Service Awarded the Grace and Wisdom of Our Proctor, Originality Alive, more commonly known as Memoriam College, was a college of the university in Marielda known for its great secrecy and for being the only part of the city not subject to reconfiguration.

Entry[edit | edit source]

I tried to sneak someone in once, while it was on lockdown, never heard from them again. Did get an urn in the mail, though.

Memoriam College is closed to outsiders except for one set week each year where there is a series of tests for new students to gain admission, during which the charms protecting the building are disabled. The Six pulled off The Valentine Affair during one of these weeks, after which the school was apparently swallowed into a yawning abyss of nothing.