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Cobbins or kobbins, more offensively known as kobolds, are small lizard-like people that appeared suddenly in Marielda during the Quiet Year, tunneling up from beneath the black sand beaches around Slow Point. They are generally accomplished engineers and alchemists but face discrimination from most human citizens of Marielda. Samol suggests that the cobbins were created by Samothes.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Still, the point is, that, in moments like these, gods don't design what their offspring looks like. I mean, hell, just look at the cobbins. You think Samothes set out to make little lizard men? Please. But it's the emotion that becomes alive. It was the intuition and the perseverance of Samothes that made the cobbins.

– Samol, "Four Conversations"

Often described as half lizard, half dog, cobbins are shorter than humans, standing around three to four feet tall, with two arms, two legs, a snout and a tail, and are covered in a mix of scales and fur.