Violet Parish

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Violet Parish is the northernmost district of Marielda.

History[edit | edit source]

The Quiet Year[edit | edit source]

The northern end of the island, Violet Parish covers an area which used to be outside of the wall, where refugees originally showed up. The neighborhood contains a giant rock that emerged from the ground when Samothes moved Marielda, from which he provided the people with a stream of fresh water. Towards the end of the Quiet Year, this area was where Maelgwyn began organizing an army to protect the city.

Later growth[edit | edit source]

Violet Parish continued to be an area with lots of military barracks and compounds, mixed with nightclubs, bars, and other entertainment targeted toward soldiers. It also holds the city's main storage facility for inactive pala-din.

During Samothes' ongoing war with Samot, the parish was notably empty, with much of the military having left for a campaign in the north, and those soldiers who stayed forming the Red Rank Irregulars, a mercenary group led by Claret Holiday, who also secretly held the position of Lance Noble Violet.