Creed of Samothes

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The Creed of Samothes, also known as the Church of Samothes, is the organized religion dedicated to the worship of Samothes and has been a major presence in all seasons of Friends at the Table set in Hieron.

Known hierarchy[edit | edit source]

  • Samothes: King-God, the Artificer Divine, Once-And-Future King of Hieron and the Eternal Princes
  • Artificer Mundane: Samothes's assistant and right-hand-man.
  • Clergy
    • Solarch: The human leader of the church.
    • Prelates: Regional leaders of the church. There are five prelates in post-Erasure Hieron.
    • Exarchs: Traveling priests ranking on the same level as a prelate, but without a permanent/stationary church assignment and thus less political power.
    • Order of Eternal Princes: Servants of Samothes and the Eternal Princes, trained in both ministry and in battle.
  • Eternal Princes: A group unto themselves, outside of the ladder of advancement. Public faces for the church, involved in outreach and dealings with other groups. Unclear if all are granted powers comparable to Ephrim's.
  • Laity

Other affiliates[edit | edit source]