The Last University

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The Last University, also known as The Lost University, The Old University, The First University or simply The University, was a school of magic located in central Hieron, east of Rosemerrow. The Great Fantasmo was once a professor there.

History[edit | edit source]

The University was founded by Samot and Samothes and was Hieron's first institution of learning as well as its last one. Although it lasted through the Erasure, the institution eventually collapsed and shut down.

Alumni[edit | edit source]

Graduates of the university take on mage names which reflect of their area of magical expertise.

Former students who did not graduate, such as Isaac Adelton, were not granted names in this manner. If The Great Fantasmo had a name of this type, he did not reveal it.

Reestablishment[edit | edit source]

After the events of Winter in Hieron, The Last University found new life as a reestablished settlement home to various groups and refugees from western Hieron fleeing the stars and the Heat and the Dark.