Pattern magic

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Pattern magic is a means of dramatically changing the world through precise arrangements of objects and sounds, most associated with The New Archives. An accomplished user of pattern magic may be known as a semiotician.

Ritual[edit | edit source]

"The way I understand its working, the Orcs wait for the proper alignment of circumstances, offering a tap or a pull, here or there, until the world and its sacred inhabitants address each other just so. Once the arrangement is complete: A miracle."

Most of the pattern magic seen on Friends at the Table is performed by Lem King, who typically channels it through a musical performance on his violin. However, the frequencies required are so precise that they may be subject to the environment which the spell is performed, and as a result his magic may not always work exactly as intended.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The idea of pattern magic was conceived during worldbuilding and character creation as a means of giving a unique and interesting spin on the ideas of "the bard" and "the orc horde", as it explains both how Lem's abilities work and how & why the orcs of Hieron go about plundering (but in a different manner than in many other fantasy settings).

An example frequently given by Austin of an event that influenced the concept is of an instance when he was pouring sugar into a cup of coffee and for no apparent reason, the mug exploded.

Users[edit | edit source]