Orchid Parish

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Orchid Parish is a district in southwestern Marielda.

History[edit | edit source]

The Quiet Year[edit | edit source]

Part of what was once known as Canopy Row or The Canopy (and still sometimes called by those names), the neighborhood was historically the slums of the city for being the closest part to the Western Wood, but these houses held up best during seismic activity when Samothes moved the island.

Later economic growth[edit | edit source]

A gentrifying area, Orchid Parish is home to burgeoning middle class of merchants, cafe owners, and those who have been priced out of Chrysanthemum. Many weavers still live here in shacks on the rooftops or in the netting. Red House, a large home that was once owned by Tamsyn, later came under the control of Maelgwyn's Faithful, a sect largely based in Orchid, before being turned into a shopping district that would become the site of the city's first church to Samot.

There have been two known Golden Lance officers stationed in Orchid Parish; the first Lance Noble Orchid was a young and immature man, while his successor was Rebecca, a former agent of the Fontmen.

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