List of Marielda factions

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Marielda is a city of many factions, each with different and often conflicting goals. The following is a list of factions operating in the city.

Black Sand Alchemical[edit | edit source]

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Black Sand Alchemical is a group of cobbin alchemists from Emberboro. Aubrey occasionally sneaks in and helps them improve their techniques and recipes.

Black Slacks[edit | edit source]

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The Black Slacks are a group of disgruntled factory workers from Emberboro descended from the refugees and exiles who once wore magnificent pants. Originally forced to conform to factory dress codes, they now continue to wear conspicuously drab pants with flamboyant shirts as a sign of protest and have started gaining political power after Samothes’s army left Marielda.

The Blessed Council[edit | edit source]

The Blessed Council, a powerful and respected division of Samothes’s church, runs the day-to-day operations of the city.

Bureau of Reconfiguration[edit | edit source]

Theoretically, the Bureau of Reconfiguration plans the reconfiguration of Marielda, but in practice things are unclear. Hitchcock often complains to them about the reconfiguration, as his students will get lost on their way to fancy parties. They don’t appreciate his complaints.

Canopy Investment and Innovation[edit | edit source]

True to their name, Canopy Investment and Innovation is a small business association of Canopy Row.

Fontmen[edit | edit source]

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The Preceptors of the Font of True Knowledge, more commonly known as the Fontmen, are a secret police force charged with controlling and censoring knowledge. Known for their canes which spark into flames at the end, used for combat and book burning.

The Gardeners[edit | edit source]

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The Gardeners are an ecoterrorist cult of elves and weavers that attempt to expand the Western Woods to bring Samol back into strength and power.

Golden Lance[edit | edit source]

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The Golden Lance is one of the law enforcement forces in Marielda. Each sector of the city has its own Lance Noble, and above them all is the Lance Sovereign Marielda. They wield the magical guns which Samothes invented for use against Samot's forces at the end of the Quiet Year. Each Lance Noble carries their own different reputation.

Hard-Work-Safe-House Security[edit | edit source]

Hard-Work-Safe-House Security is a security firm that Sige occasionally works jobs for. They’re based in Orchid Parish and are affiliated with Maelgwyn’s Faithful. The typical choice for people who want security work done, but are uncomfortable with the pala-din. Named after the company's owner.

Hospitallers du Tristero[edit | edit source]

The Hospitallers du Tristero are devotees of some strange, unknown god of foreign rule who arrived with the refugees but didn’t stay with the Black Slacks. They have taken over Christopher’s old hospital in Helianthus Parish.

Maelgwyn’s Faithful[edit | edit source]

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A sect of the Church of Samothes, Maelgwyn’s Faithful believes that Maelgwyn was a blessed figure before his mysterious disappearance – perhaps the child of Samothes, or an aspect of the King-God Himself. Based primarily in Orchid Parish, they appear to have knowledge of the existence of the Heat and the Dark, and have political sway in the city.

Marielda Human Resources Company[edit | edit source]

Marielda Human Resources Company runs most of the non-refugee human labor force in Iris Parish. They are deeply prejudiced against anyone non-human or non-native to Marielda. They also have a lot of power in the labor industry.

Marielda Obsidian and Ore[edit | edit source]

A mining business. Aubrey has stolen alchemical ingredients from here in the past, leading to a less than warm relationship between them.

Mung Quarry & Conveyance[edit | edit source]

After the Mung brothers survived their obsidian iceberg marooning and returned to the city, they founded this company and applied for licenses for boats. They put on a front of continued obsidian mining, but really they’re smugglers.

The Nightly News[edit | edit source]

While the name sounds like a newsjournal, The Nightly News an underground criminal organization, led by Snitch Nightly. They are amicable towards The Six, and Snitch Nightly is friends with Hitchcock, specifically.

Office of Lost Materials[edit | edit source]

The Office of Lost Materials is a place where things that go missing during reconfiguration—everything from jewelry to family pets to mysterious magical objects—end up. Castille has a habit of showing up and taking things, which the Office does not appreciate.

Red Rank Irregulars[edit | edit source]

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The Red Rank Irregulars are a group of mercenaries formed by soldiers who stayed behind in Violet Parish rather than going to war with Samot, led by the mysterious Claret Holiday. They are friendly with The Six.

The Six[edit | edit source]

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The Six is a group of daring scoundrels, headed by the five protagonists of the Marielda interlude, who have a growing number of cohorts. The Six obtain and redistribute knowledge, by entirely illegal means, through their network of hidden libraries.

Samothes and His Pala-din[edit | edit source]

The pala-din answer to no one save for Samothes Himself.

Stone's-Love Collection and Distribution[edit | edit source]

A business of some sort. Named after its owner.

Tea Leaf Set[edit | edit source]

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The Tea Leaf Set is a group of witches who brew a variety of recreational and magical teas, most of which are illegal. Their clientele tend to be high class, so as a front, the witches will throw nice parties. They are good friends with Castille and have strange powders and substances that imitate or inspire various sensory impressions, even for Castille’s stone pala-din body.

The True Church of Samothes[edit | edit source]

Samothes's church in Samothes's city. Can be contrasted with offshoots such as Maelgwyn's Faithful.

Weaver Union[edit | edit source]

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Led by Hedy Braum, the Weaver Union petitions for better workers’ rights and to be accepted in the city, so maybe they won’t have to live in shacks on other people’s roofs. Most weavers won’t join the union, since calling attention to yourself in such a manner can be dangerous.

The Yellow House[edit | edit source]

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The Six’s biggest rivals, The Yellow House, are also in the business of knowledge. Headquartered in Helianthus Parish, they were formed during the Quiet Year, springing up as an underground school after the original informal college was disbanded. The Yellow House has operated in secret ever since.

Cult of Wolf and Dragon[edit | edit source]

A cult dedicated to Severea and Samol who were represented as a wolf and dragon respectively.