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Emberboro is a parish in western Marielda lacking official recognition.

 Appearance[edit | edit source]

Emberboro's architecture is a mix of the unusual, partially-underground stone structures built by cobbins and the cheap, somewhat temporary tents and lean-tos of the refugees who arrived in Marielda during the Quiet Year.

History[edit | edit source]

The Quiet Year[edit | edit source]

Early in the Quiet Year, the cobbins showed up on the black sand beaches on the newly-formed island's western shore and promptly began building stone structures considered eyesores by the human population. Around the same time, a group of deserters from the armies involved in the massive ongoing war managed to sail disintegrating boats across the burning channel to Marielda and moved into the ruins of a guard tower in the north.

Over time, as the number of refugees in the north grew and the cobbins continued to have tense relations with the other inhabitants of the city, the two groups began working together to construct a more permanent and stable settlement in the northern part of the island (in what would later become Violet Parish), which they named Emberboro.

However, when Samothes unveiled the ability to reconfigure the city, he moved Emberboro to the eastern side of the island along the Golden Zone, bringing what was once a separate settlement into the city and reuniting the cobbins of Emberboro with those living by the beaches on which they were first seen.

Later history[edit | edit source]

Though largely its own section of the city, Emberboro is considered part of Helianthus Parish for political reasons. Many of its residents are part of groups such as the Black Slacks or Black Sand Alchemical which organize for civil and labor rights.