The Erasure

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The Erasure was a cataclysmic period, the specifics of which are nebulous beyond that it was "real bad". Traces of its impact remain in a region now called the Mark of the Erasure, thought uninhabited (and inhospitable) by most. Owing to this, and a wholesale shift in cultural values and practice throughout Hieron after the fact, it is epochal. Though most likely a series of concurrent and only partly related events, the Erasure may have been caused in part by the Heat and the Dark.

According to Austin[1]: "'Erasure' should be understood by the end of Marielda as: The long period of decline that came after [spoiler for Marielda finale] and the gods' loss of the power of reconfiguration, which led them to fail to maintain the world as it once was. That decline was: wars, magical experiments gone awry, despots, the destruction of huge parts of the world, etc"

Origin[edit | edit source]

The vague nature of the Erasure was partially inspired by the titular cataclysm of The Yawhg.

References[edit | edit source]

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