Disciples of Samot

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The Disciples of Samot were a group of mages from the University who impersonated Samot in order to influence Maelgwyn to kill Samothes on High Sun Day with the goal of protecting Hieron from the Heat and the Dark.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

The Disciples were interested in asceticism and the study of one's own capabilities, with each member's research interests tailored to their own specialties. Though aligned with Samot, they sometimes acted independently and even counter to his wishes.

Iconography[edit | edit source]

The symbol of the Disciples of Samot was a circle containing three vertical lines of different lengths, with the center one being the tallest. According to the information held by the New Archives, these three lines represent past, present, and future. A version of this emblem would later go on to be used as the symbol of the Disciples of Fantasmo.

Members[edit | edit source]