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Orcs are a group of humanoids known for their green skin, tusks, powerful build, and affinity for collecting things.

Culture[edit | edit source]

In the old days, for a whole mess of reasons, most humans thought of orcs as savage, thoughtless creatures. They were wrong, of course, but the stories stuck. These days, though, the orcs are known as scholars and collectors, amassing an endless catalog of this and that and the other thing, from the pre-Erasure world.

Many orcs in post-Erasure Hieron are associated with the New Archives, an organization involved in gathering a vast collection of items sacred and mundane which they gather for use in pattern magic.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Orcs have a complex system of titles involving which things they are gods of, for instance:

Morket Dal, Marquis of Valleys, Lost Letters, and the Second Cool Breeze

This high level of specificity means, of course that there is a vast, perhaps innumerable, array of orc gods.