The New Archives

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The New Archives can refer to both an organization of curators, collectors and academics (most of whom are orcs) operating in post-Erasure Hieron, as well as to the mountainous location which their main operation is based in.

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

The archivists, and Lem, prize collection and categorization of histories and objects and whistled songs; the Archives resemble a warehouse or museum more than a city.

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A vast and convoluted city carved directly into a mountain, the New Archives are located in the mountains of northern Hieron, east of Velas and the Mark of the Erasure and north of The Lost University.

Goal[edit | edit source]

The orcs are known as scholars and collectors, amassing an endless catalog of this and that and the other thing, from the pre-Erasure world. Orcs called semioticians can arrange and rearrange those things, tables and portraits and swords and living creatures and doves and the rain and whispers, into strange configurations, all to perform what you might call pattern magic, a method of evoking powerful effects by adjusting the relation of things just so. It's a little like what we used to be able to do, me and my kin. Just a whole lot more complicated.

The archivists are gathering objects both sacred and mundane for several purposes. On one hand, by collecting pre-Erasure artifacts and texts, they are able to protect these items and learn from them. More important, however, is that the New Archives hopes to put the items collected to use in powerful pattern magic to alter and improve the world, in the hopes of undoing damage done by the Erasure.