Maelgwyn's Faithful

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Maelgwyn's Faithful is a sect of the Church of Samothes in Marielda that believes Maelgwyn, a prominent and pious community member who disappeared near the end of the Quiet Year, to be a holy figure.

Beliefs and practices[edit | edit source]

The Faithful believe Maelgwyn to be an aspect of Samothes, his son, or blessed in some other way, and await his return.

They believe that the Dark comes first, and then the Heat.

Many members of Maelgwyn's Faithful have long hyphenated names (e.g. Hard-Work-Safe-House, Carolyn Fair-Play-is-a-Fool's-Game, Gentle The-Night-You-Were-Born) akin to names used in some 16th and 17th century Puritan communities.

Influence[edit | edit source]

In the years after Maelgwyn's disappearance, the sect became increasingly prominent within Marielda, with major political influence due to its popularity, especially among the affluent and well-connected. Their power continued to grow after Maelgwyn's release from the Memoriam College vault, as the power of the city's older institutions began to dwindle and rumors of Maelgwyn's presence spread through the streets.

Though most heavily based in Orchid Parish, the Faithful have a growing presence in Chrysanthemum, and were able to get the Hanging Gardens of Maelgwyn named after him.

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