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The Golden Lance is a group of law enforcers whose roots stretch back to Marielda but whose jurisdiction has come to cover a much broader area. They are known for their magical guns which can disintegrate a target into ashes.

Autumn in Hieron[edit | edit source]

"They represent an extraterritorial force of justice, a group that regular law enforcers hate as much as everybody else seems to love."

- Austin, "I Don’t Know What’s in That Box"

The cast of season one's holiday special is deputized by officers of the Golden Lance Victoria Solomon and Dr. Gloria Lake to investigate a murder in Velas on High Sun Day. At the end of the day, Solomon and Lake ask the group to report their findings, and mete out justice accordingly.

Marielda[edit | edit source]

Aside from the pala-din, in Marielda the Golden Lance is perhaps the most 'official' force keeping order in the city. Each district has its own Lance Noble, and above them all is the Lance Sovereign Marielda. As law enforcers in the interlude season, the Golden Lance frequently come into conflict with The Six, and several Lance Nobles have personal grudges against them on top of that. Marielda's Lance Nobles are typically referred to not by their own name but by the parish which they protect.

Members[edit | edit source]

Winter in Hieron[edit | edit source]

The Golden Lance return in season three, deputizing the cast again in "The Importance of Names" to investigate a murder in Rosemerrow. This time, however, Solomon and Lake are personally involved in the case—as suspects.

Though they were arrested in connection to the presumed death of Gilbert Lutz because the burn marks at the crime scene suggested that Solomon's gun could have been the murder weapon, the pair had come to Rosemerrow to investigate the Cult of the Dark Sun.


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Throndir comes to learn that Solomon and Lake are vampires and that the traveling Golden Lance operating in Hieron are a splinter version of the Marielda organization, formed by Claret Holiday and Lilith R'ion after they fled the city. Having been killed by Arrell, he accepts an offer to return to life as a vampire of the Golden Lance.

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