The Great Fantasmo

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The Great Fantasmo (alternatively spelled Phantasmo[note 1]), the Wizard, is an elf who was once a prominent professor at the Lost University.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fantasmo looks old and frail from a combination of age, inactivity and a tendency to skip meals while reading. He wears his stringy, light grey hair in a ponytail, with a pretty severe widow's peak, and has wispy eyebrows with no facial hair. He wears "tiny grandpa glasses" in front of his sharp, calculating eyes. Fantasmo's robes, once glorious, are now tattered and faded, with hints of stains and spots where embroidery has unraveled. His bag of books, carried by an invisible helper, are never far from reach.


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During his years lecturing at the Last University, his hair was black with streaks of grey, and he had "a little bit of a scraggly elven beard". This depiction of him was preserved in the lecture-recording crystals Benjamin found and studied on the University campus.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fantasmo is standoffish and blunt, not really a "people person". He has a very high opinion of his own abilities. It is not uncommon for him to draw away from others while trying to learn more about a topic.

"The Great Fantasmo" is not his real name, but it is the only one he will ever give to anyone. He is a vegetarian.

Bonds[edit | edit source]

  • Hadrian is woefully misinformed about the world. I will teach them all I can.
  • Hella is keeping an important secret from me. (Fantasmo believes that Hella knows more about her sword than she lets on)
  • I know Lem King, he is an open book to me.
  • Fero is my little bird, I must shelter and guide him.
  • There is much to learn about Throndir's past and people.

History[edit | edit source]

In the dead center of Hieron, the Last University of mages stood tall and proud. Scholars of sorcery and magic studied and trained their disciples. That is, at least until a few decades ago, when everything took a turn. Which is about when an elf who called himself Fantasmo, the Great Fantasmo, who did not call himself a mage but instead a wizard, fled the ruined classrooms and dormitories, stepping out into the wider world for the first time in his life.

Once a professor at the Last University in central Hieron, Fantasmo left the institution around the moment of its collapse and has fallen on comparatively hard times in the years since.


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During the investigation of Gilbert Lutz's presumed murder, the Rosemerrow Deputies learn that Fantasmo was in fact a puppet of Arrell, who created him by 'cutting out part of his story and giving it flesh', while Arrell himself acted as Fantasmo's invisible servant. In addition to using Fantasmo himself as a means to further his goals, Arrell was leading a group of mages known as the Disciples of Fantasmo.


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Later during their investigation, Hadrian and Ephrim encountered both Fantasmo and his puppetmaster Arrell in the back room of the Church of Samothes in Viridian Village. At this time, Fantasmo, who apparently had no knowledge of his true nature or the purpose he served, was 'killed' by Arrell.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Fantasmo's great knowledge of magic has given him a degree of notoriety. By taking a period of quiet contemplation, he can prepare spells for use in his journey.

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Invisibility - Fantasmo's trademark spell. He wipes his hand across his face in one John Cena "you can't see me" motion and he goes out of view, from his head down to his feet.
  • Light - Fantasmo can make an item he touches glow with arcane light.
  • Prestidigitation - He can create minor visual effects.
  • Unseen Servant - Fantasmo has an invisible helper carrying his books at all times.
  • Detect Magic - Fantasmo can briefly attune one of his senses to magic.
  • Magic Missile - This spell launches projectiles of pure magic. They take the form of arrows - not the kind that are shot from a bow, but the basic symbol like you would see on a road sign, and trace the path from his fingers to his target.
  • Dispel Magic - As Fantasmo strikes the base of his staff against the ground, a wave radiates out from it, destroying magical effects. This can have very powerful repercussions.
  • Charm Person - By touching someone and casting this spell, they will count Fantasmo as a friend until they take damage or he proves otherwise. Because Fantasmo tried using this spell on a god, it partially backfired and now he believes Samot to be an old friend of his.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. In this tweet, Nick says that he can't remember what the original spelling was supposed to be and gives his approval of the idea that Fantasmo's name is transliterated from Elvish script—no matter which way people spell it, Fantasmo can always correct them.