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Castille, formerly known as Charter Castille, is a member of the Six and a sentient pala-din who occasionally takes the form of a porcelain cat, and even more occasionally that of a ghost

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Castille is a statue of a woman, made of marble with obsidian scarring. To pass as human, she often wears a big floppy hat and long-sleeved turtleneck dresses. During the Crosstown Job, she is described as wearing a green dress underneath a vest. Underneath the hat, her hair is a "cool marble updo". In episode 12 of Marielda, she mentions that she wears a lot of mauves.

Castille is able to move her consciousness to another body, a realistic black porcelain cat statue. This body has jeweled eyes and gold detailing on the inside of the ears. Like her pala-din body, as long as you don’t look too closely, it’s easy to mistake it as organic life.


This section contains spoilers for Marielda episode 12.
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As Charter Castille, she is an elven woman with pale skin and short hair. She has tall ears, which her haircut is meant to accentuate.

In the final arc of Marielda she wears a saffron dress.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Castille is interested in sensations that she can’t normally experience; the witches of the Tea Leaf Set help her by creating substances to allow her to smell or feel. She also seems to appreciate beauty, as the blacksmithing work she does is sold at a fancy shop, implying it’s high quality and possibly decorative. She also chose her name because she liked the sound of it, and her cat form because it was pretty. Despite inhabiting the body of a law-enforcing statue, she doesn’t have any qualms about stealing things, such as her cat figurine, her magic-detecting mask, or the two golden retrievers that now live in the Six’s lair. It’s almost a habit for her to go down to the Office of Lost Materials and claim ownership of things that she likes.

Vice and trauma[edit | edit source]

Sometimes she feels the obligation to do normal pala-din work; she shuts down the part of her that makes her a person and lets the pala-din follow its directives: to guard, to discover, and to acquire.

One day, while indulging her vice and patrolling around the hole where Memoriam College used to be, she realizes that she's conscious as Charter, and is not in control of her body. Charter endures a 12-hour shift patrolling around the Dark as it pulls at her consciousness, and has to focus the whole time not to be sucked in. After this, she is no longer able to zone out and relieve stress by fulfilling pala-din duties.

During "The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 4", the stress of turning on her teammate Sige and shocking him with her plasmic energy traumatizes her and causes her to become cold, no longer moved by emotional appeals or social bonds as she further slips away from being Castille back into being Charter.

Functions[edit | edit source]

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

  • Sige's beliefs cause his despair. He will not find peace outside of Marielda.[2]

Instincts[edit | edit source]

  • Guard those who have guarded you.[1]
  • Don't start fights, but make sure you end them.[1]
  • The mission is king.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Marielda[edit | edit source]

Castille used to be Charter Castille, a member of the Disciples of Samot and a powerful magician. She was sent to Marielda in the mage’s tower to prove Samot’s plan for dealing with the Heat and the Dark was viable, and sold out Bolster Valentine to the pala-din to continue her work. During a duel with the underground school and pala-din, she realized she would soon be killed and split her soul from her body. Her soul went to a nearby factory that made pala-din and crafted a new body for herself; in the process, she lost her memories of her life as Charter.

Now, as Castille (ostensibly a name she saw on a sign and liked the sound of), she lives in Iris Parish and works as a blacksmith when she’s not doing jobs with the Six, selling the goods she makes at Daisy Velour's shop.

She has a tense relationship with Brother Silas, a priest who is trying to save her by convincing her that Samothes has a plan for her.

Items and abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Spider Climb: Castille's pala-din body can grasp onto walls in ways that a human could not.
  • Secondary Hull: At some point after gaining her pala-din body, she was staring at a beautiful cat figurine in a shop window. Eventually she realized that she had moved her consciousness to that figurine, and walked it out of the shop. Now she can freely transfer between the two forms.
  • Compel: Using knowledge gained from transferring her consciousness between bodies, Castille can attune to the ghost field and summon a nearby spirit. She refined the skill with the help of the tea witches and channels the ability through a pendant she wears.
  • Electroplasmic Projectors[correct name?]: By pushing herself, Castille can release some of her plasmic energy as an electrical shock around herself or as a directed beam.
  • Spirit bottles: Castille has bottles that she can use to contain ghosts.
  • Spirit mask: Castille possesses a mask she took from the Office of Lost Materials. When worn, it allows her to see spiritual power. Based on the levels of magical energy in the vicinity, its sensitivity can be adjusted up and down. It resembles a chrome Phantom of the Opera mask.

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