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Christopher is a semi-disgraced priest who once held a high position within the Creed of Samothes.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Christopher is an old man with very healthy tanned white skin, a well-groomed white beard, little glasses, and long, wavy, not-quite-shoulder-length hair.

The Quiet Year[edit | edit source]

Christopher, who was in his eighties, confessed during the during the Quiet Year to having tutored Samot many years earlier.

He led a five-week long prayer to Samothes for guidance as an act of penance. At the end of the five weeks, those who had come daily for prayers, including Christopher, found that they had gained knowledge of all language.

Christopher later confessed to murdering the alchemist Winsley Cartwright, who had been heavily involved with the creation of Marielda's semiformal learning group in the library, as an act of further penance. While he was put on trial for this murder, the case was thrown out after Snitch Nightly confessed to the same murder and the crime was reinvestigated.

Circumstantial evidence from the second investigation seemed to indicate that Christopher had killed Cartwright, but there was not enough to convict him.

Later life[edit | edit source]

Christopher fell into obscurity after the Quiet Year, though his second-most famous student, Rector Sabinia, appears during The Valentine Affair.

During "Four Conversations", he spoke briefly with Castille prior to one of her meetings with Maelgwyn.

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