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This article is about the season. For the location, see Sangfielle (setting).

Sangfielle is the seventh season of Friends at the Table. Set in the territory of the same name, it follows the exploits of the freelance adventurers and mercenaries known as the Blackwick Group.

Aldomina called this territory San Fielle. But there ain’t nothin saintly bout this place. Now, we used the name that our ancestors, those forced to work this land or forced from it, called it under their breath: Sangfielle. The Bloodfields.

Content Warnings[edit | edit source]

Heart: The City Beneath is a horror game, and as such, there are some unpleasant things in the text. These include but are not limited to: violence, drug use, addiction, ghosts, unwanted bodily transformation, and monsters that used to be people. There is no rape or sexual assault in the game.

Any additional content warnings are listed in each episode's description. Sangfielle will never cover themes of addiction, but it also primarily features lack of bodily autonomy, colonialism, interpersonal conflict, and insect infestation of a human body.

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