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The Yellow House was an underground school and library operating in the Marielda knowledge business and The Six’s direct rivals. Their headquarters were in Helianthus Parish.

Iconography[edit | edit source]

Their symbol is a yellow triangle, and their motto is "Play in the dark, lest the heat catch you standing still." Their members have yellow eyes.

Philosophy[edit | edit source]

Play in the dark, lest the heat catch you standing still.

The Yellow House believes that the Dark will come before the Heat. According to their philosophy, people have an inherent light within them that is anathema to the Dark; as long as people move and play and celebrate, the Dark will never arrive in full, thus averting Hieron's destruction by the Heat.

History[edit | edit source]

The Yellow House originated in the Quiet Year, springing up after the original unauthorized college was disbanded, and carefully managed to operate in secret for the next fifteen years. The faction was originally said to have disbanded after three members were killed while trying to steal the Book of Life from Memoriam College.

The "Misspent Youth" Live game revealed that the Yellow House in its current form was founded by Maelgwyn, modeled after a group Samot hung out with in the time of Christopher which was also called the Yellow House. The events of "Misspent Youth", set during the gap between "Four Conversations" and the Marielda finale, detailed the student class's conflict with Cabbot Quick as he attempted to do away with the Yellow House altogether. Yellow House was eventually preserved through incorporation into the Church of Samothes as the House of the Yellow Sun, and its knowledge kept from the populace.

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