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Sige Coleburn is a member of The Six who builds a boat in his spare time. People often spell his name "Siege"; he doesn't mind either spelling, as both carry his reputation.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sige is a dangerous and intimidating fighter. He’s tall and heavily muscled, with dark skin and an undercut. Sige often wears a button-up shirt with suspenders, trousers, and boots. Two fingers from his left hand are gone, lost to the dangerous machines of the Marieldan factories. His appearance has been compared to "if [real-life weightlifter and professional wrestler] Mark Henry joined the Vaudevillains".

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sige is not afraid of violence, and prefers to strike first and strike hard.

Vice[edit | edit source]

During downtime, he works tirelessly on recreating the magical boat his parents had helped build during the Quiet Year, referencing the journal they’d written as they created the original. He keeps the boat in a shack out on the black sand beaches near Slow Point. In spite of the money, time and materials Sige has poured into this boat, it seems unlikely that he will ever finish working on it, though he dreams of finishing the boat and getting out of Marielda.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

  • The pala-din were built to kill, and in the end, that's all they're good for, so I will never trust one.
  • This island ruins everything it touches. I must escape before it ruins me too.
  • I will take any job or do any deed unless it harms a child.

Instincts[edit | edit source]

  • Strike first, strike hard.
  • Scrounge for extra loot while on the job.
  • Never trust a person in power.

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Pre-Game[edit | edit source]

Sige was born in the Golden Zone to wealthy parents who were heavily involved in the construction of a now-destroyed boat seaworthy in the lava waters surrounding Marielda. His family was killed in the fighting between pala-din and the forces of Samot at the end of the Quiet Year.

Newly orphaned, Sige took what he could carry from his old home and moved to Emberboro, where he fell in with a group of other children who had lost their families. They all worked in the factories to survive, but he lost two fingers to the machines and had to turn elsewhere.

Sige began doing less legal jobs, sabotaging rival factories and intercepting deliveries. He has worked several jobs for Hard-Work-Safe-House Securities, a company that specializes in non-pala-din security. He has also stolen the gun of Lance Noble Orchid, who now hates Sige.

Later Life[edit | edit source]

About a year the events of the interlude season, Sige is recruited by Rebecca to join The Golden Lance. He later appears, in this capacity, in the season three holiday special.

Abilities and items[edit | edit source]

  • Brutal: Sige hits as if he's wielding a heavier weapon, with increased potency against physical targets.
  • Not to Be Trifled With: Sige can push himself to perform physical feats that verge on the superhuman, and is equal in combat to a small gang.
  • The Devil's Footsteps: When he pushes himself, Sige can perform a feat of athletics that verges on the superhuman or maneuver to confuse his enemies so they mistakenly attack each other.
  • Trench knife: Sige's hand weapon of choice is a knife with knuckles on the hilt guard and a cap on the bottom of the hilt for hitting people over the head with.
  • Gun: Sige has a Lance Noble's gun which he stole from his rival Lance Noble Orchid. He sawed part of the barrel off to make it more portable. Later, after stealing Orchid's gun a second time, he modifies the sawed-off gun and gives it to Aubrey, while attaching a stolen Fontman's cane to the new gun as a sort of bayonet.
  • Rage essence: Sige carries a vial with a single dose of rage essence, which greatly increases his strength, resistance to pain, and irrational aggression for several minutes. To administer the essence, Sige crushes the vial in his hand, allowing the shards to break his skin and the contents of the vial to enter his bloodstream. The effects are potent but cause no significant changes to his physical appearance.