Sangfielle (setting)

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This article is about the setting. For the season, see Sangfielle (season).

Sangfielle is the setting of the seventh season of Friends at the Table. It is the heartland of the continent that used to be under Aldominan rule.

The name Sangfielle means The Bloodfields. It is a place where reality bends and unknown futures seep into the present.

History[edit | edit source]

Five to six hundred years ago, the devils of Aldomina swept through the region, wanting to fence in and farm the land. Their colonization started from a stronghold at Sapodilla. They called the heartland San Fiel, meaning "the saintly fields" or "the holy fields," due to the remarkable bounty of the land.

The land started ailing, but it wasn't until around 200 years that the people of the heartland took notice and The Shape arrived. A panic set in, and many people — particularly the wealthy ones — fled during this time. Around fifty years after the panic set in, the Empress Altapasqua set out, attempting to cure the land.

Concentus was built surrounding Sangfielle to prevent the spread of the curse.

People[edit | edit source]

Carpana, Ojantani, and many other types of people are indigenous to the region. Many of these people were killed, enslaved, or pushed into barren mountains when Aldomina came. Many Drakkan