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Regan Alaway, most recently as High Vicar of the Church of Subsolum, was ruler of the town of Yellowfield for many decades, in various roles. They are a waxen vampire. In Yellowfield, Alaway built a number of wax bodies which had their own independence and consciousness until the primary one died, at which point another would be completely taken over by the vampire's consciousness and soon find an excuse to be the new leader of the town.

History[edit | edit source]

Alaway was the pre-Panic wizard who called Yellowfield his "Xanthic Demesne"[1]. She took over the town again some decades later, as the leader of the church when it was built. As the factory foreman, they took control from her, and then as the village elder, he took control from them, and so on every few decades.

At some point, Alaway built Eyes, Ears, and Mouth as an experiment with less human body plans. This did not work particularly well, so they became more traditional vampire thralls.

Bodies[edit | edit source]

I told you, you can’t kill me. They’re all me when I want them to be. That’s the trick. Your vampire friend back there, she wants to extend the life of her body. Give up on the body, and it becomes much easier.

Currently extant bodies:

  • The High Vicar (until Episode 16; returned as of Episode 47)[note 1]
  • Gala (taken over as primary in Episode 16)
  • Galena, Gala's "mother"
  • Wayne, the stationmaster
  • Seventeen or so other factory workers
  • Rana (escaped)

All of these names are anagrams of letters appearing in the name "Regan Alaway". What a prick.

Previous active incarnations appear in the Residuum. When the party is in candle factory, there are six of them, all looking close enough to be family; one heavily resembles Gala. Some are dressed like Regan, in black clothes with a white collar, but others wear normal clothing associated with a foreman or village elder. All are somewhat waxy, but not sickly like Bucho had been.

Alaway did not want to give up the vicar's body, as they all have different stats in terms of ways of thinking about the world, and this one was very good at so-called weird magic cult shit.

City of Lights[edit | edit source]

See Zevunzolia.

The Candle Factory Arc[edit | edit source]

Wax, Ichor, and Iron Arc[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Facecast as Michael Ealy.

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