Glim Macula

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Whether Sapodilla looks postcard-perfect to you or if you find yourself looking for a place to spit when someone repeats the claim that it is the “most civilized” corner of the heartland, it is the Glim Macula you have to thank. Empty faces. A flame that burns through you. Witch hunters in white coats.

The Glim Macula are a police and immigration enforcement agency in Sapodilla, formed originally from witch hunters and growing to prominence after the Pledge House fire.

Their headquarters are in the Interred Citadel, which also serves as an organizational center for the Wrights of the Seventh Sun.


This section contains spoilers for The Perpetual Oratorio/Two Kinds of Quarry.
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After the rise of Vampire Queen Virtue of Sapodilla, they have largely lost power.

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