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Chine is a character in Sangfielle. His class is the Cleaver.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chine is a human who is in the process of transforming into something more animalistic. He has a somewhat long and protruding nose, and knife-like and upturned (although still human-looking) ears. Their hair is unkempt and usually on the shorter side, and they cut it with a dagger when they get annoyed by it.

He wears a gambeson (padded armor with studs) with an extremely high collar going up to his nose, obscuring his mouth (but not his nose). He also wears a big, hooded poncho that looks like a quilt due to frequent patching done by Chine himself. Inside the poncho, they have stitched pockets of various sizes, which is where they keep most of their things.

Carried on his back, Chine wields a poleaxe, with a spear tip, axe head, and blunt hammer head.

Starting in Episode 13: Market Day, Chine has jet-black eyes that can see in darkness. Starting around the same time, their flesh glistens with mirror shards that twitch and glitter to blur their silhouette. This is not a smooth chrome, but more broken-up and shimmery.

Background[edit | edit source]

Chine was originally from Blackwick County and lived on a farm. When the land stopped being able to support crops, he set out to try and find solutions for that, such as trying to plant teeth. This journey led him down the rabbit hole towards becoming a Cleaver.

They have since returned to Blackwick, now as a monster hunter rather than a farmer.

Beats[edit | edit source]

  • Allow something dangerous at the Heart to live when you could have killed it (completed)
  • Following a long ritual, name the Heart and only refer to it by that name from now on (completed in Episode 13)
  • Perform an act of service to an NPC witch (completed Episode 16)
  • Establish a bond with a heartsblood beast. (Major)
  • Take major Echo fallout.
  • Damage or sabotage a Haven, letting the Course in. (completed Episode 31)
  • Perform a rite at a place of power that is at tier 2 or deeper. (completed Episode 33)
  • Gain information on why you have been chosen by the Course. (completed Episode 36)
  • Receive a strange surgical implant or heartsblood transfusion. (current)
  • Become one with the Course, and bind your and your creature's essence to it. (Zenith, current)

Fallout[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has an Adoring Swarm of insects, which vary depending on location: teeth-like creatures in the Blackwick Mines, fire ants aboard the Blue Wind.
  • They have a distrust for the color yellow.

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