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An ambivalent and ancient spirit. Offers the sweet smell and sublime beauty of roses and the sturdy foundation of a root structure. In exchange: Feed it.

Aterika’Kaal is a deity that the people of Roseroot worshipped. In the native language, its name means Rose Shade, but the Aldominans mistranslated that to Roseroot.

Content Note: This page contains references to and imagery of spiders.

History and Involvement[edit | edit source]

Originally, Aterika'kaal had a somewhat antagonistic relationship with the people living in its territory. At some point, many generations ago, it was given the skull of Dyre Ode in exchange for living more peacefully.

Around the time of Aldominan conquest, it was taught selfishness and gluttony[1] by the yon Vantzon-Estonbergh family. They made a contract in which it was made into Roseroot Hall in return for being fed sacrifices, of those same villagers that once worshipped it.

The Secret Ledger Arc[edit | edit source]

Dayward yon Vantzon-Estonbergh contracted Dyre Ode to move Roseroot Hall from its original location to the outskirts of Blackwick. However, due to the neglect of the contract by YVE, Aterika’Kaal made the manor spooky in its dismay, so YVE calls in members of the the Blackwick Group to investigate.

The party unearths the contract and finds the root of Aterika’Kaal, at which point it tries to consume them. When asked by Es if it was happier to be forgotten, it responds "I am happier to be fed."

After counsel from Dyre Ode, the party decides to burn Aterika’Kaal in its entirety, but Lye Lychen does save the last remnant of it: a spider-like plant crawling from the flames. He places this in a jar in his backpack as a Harmful d10 Resource.

Only a small, dangerous branch of the deity remains.

The Perpetual Oratorio Arc[edit | edit source]

In Sapodilla's Night Library, Aterika'kaal is damaged when Felix Hollowfield's blue anti-magic radiation hits Lye. As the party slip away through the city streets, the jar breaks and it crawls into view of the party. Lye attempts to bluff that this little plant monster is his familiar Tombo; Virtue accepts this and greets it, but Duvall recognizes it as Aterika'kaal and insists that they will discuss this later.

The party consider neutralizing the Oratorio of Davia Pledge by releasing Aterika'kaal (which wriggles eagerly at the prospect, and is visibly growing) to feed on its energy. This would lead to the two gods competing for each other's energy and coming to an equilibrium, leaving this hex of Sapodilla a tier 4 location, but stable and not spreading. Lye rejects this, as he has dedicated time and resources to trying to fix it, and the others tear into him for being irresponsible and lying about not having taken it. Instead, they end up doing this to Virtue instead.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. According to Dyre Ode.