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Meyer Leopold Duvall, commonly known as Duvall, is a character in Sangfielle. His class is the Deep Apiarist.

Content Note: This page contains insect infestation of a human body.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Duvall is a human around average height, who is clearly still young but looks like shit. He has an off-putting stare. He wears fancy clothes (a white shirt, a vest, a cravat, dark slacks, and boots), but some items were bought for a much healthier man, as he has lost a lot of weight and hasn't had the time to have them all replaced.[1]

In Episode 22, his bugs replaced his entire body (or most of it) with wax. While this process was too gross to be shown onscreen, it doesn't particularly seem to have altered his appearance: he looks slightly less uncanny valley than a very good waxwork, other than with some tearing at the joints.

History[edit | edit source]

Duvall is from one of the few remaining human aristocratic lines in the Throne of Dominion, and has enough older siblings that he inherited little from this. He came to Eastern Folly as a wannabe adventurer/paranormal researcher a few years ago, with the money from some uncle; this all went on funding his expedition to the Sleeping City, which was technically successful. Duvall made it into that strange location while it was not yet open, and may have spent some time there, but its defenses activated and filled him with bugs. Existentially threatened, Duvall returned to Blackwick at some point, now intending to determine the meaning of the self: whether he was free-willed and controlling the bees, or the bees were controlling him.

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