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I’ve always been a visionary.

– Tender Sky, Open as Possible

Tender Sky is the Architect, portrayed by Ali Acampora.[1] She is a mean catgirl who is living her best life.[2]

As a digital architect, Tender designs and builds environments in the augmented reality of the Mesh. As for her jam, on the weekends she runs a digital lounge, called the Steady, a jazz club with the aesthetic that changes weekly. Its tagline is "Nothing stays at the Steady."[3]

Though Tender's cyberbrain was removed from her, she can still use the powers that it gave her previously. It feels like fate to her; it feels Divine. She keeps this information a secret.[1]

With her abilities, it's possible for three things to "bleed" over into the physical world should things go awry: memories of the By and By or of Open Metal (her ex-partner), or feelings of unworthiness about her powers.[4]


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After entering the Vault of Anticipation on Altar, Tender took the Divine Anticipation into her mind, and is now the Excerpt/Candidate of Anticipation, with the excerpt name Our voices combined, filled with great tenderness, as we sang for their good fortune, or ⸢Tenderness⸣.[5]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tender Sky is a "big titty catgirl with an incredible tailor".[6] She is "thicc with two c's" and has a sweet face, calculating eyes, cat ears, and a tail. She has light brown skin and long, thick, curly lilac hair that falls to chest length. Ali has compared her appearance to that of the actress Ciara Renée.[7] Vogue runway shows are an inspiration for her, along with the Gucci body suit. She has a fondness for coats that are cropped jackets with short capes on the back.[2]

During the Beloved Dust's time in the Steady during "We Want You to Come Home", Tender is wearing a velour long-sleeved bodysuit with no legs (like a long-sleeved bathing suit), somewhat sheer teal thigh-high stockings, white heels, and a capelet with a built-in collar with stiff pieces that rest on her shoulders. There is light embroidery and bejeweling on the collar, and the cape's lining is a pastel that transitions slowly from yellow to pink to purple to green. Her hair is pulled back into a single round bun high on the back of her head, wrapped in a ribbon with a jeweled clip.

She can change her appearance with her abilities, but the above description is as she presents normally.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

The Veil[edit | edit source]

  • "Never take a shortcut."[8]
  • "My gift is divine and cannot be taken from me. I must hide it from anyone who would try."[9]
  • "Fourteen feels like they owe me something; I'll take whatever they're offering."[10]
  • "The boundaries of my mind are fading. I will crack the barriers that remain."[11]
  • "My gift is divine and cannot be taken from me. I must stop anyone who would try."[12]

Scum and Villainy[edit | edit source]

  • “The NEH have only used unchecked power to cause harm. I’ll use the Clearcut to de-escalate situations and/or violence.”[13]

Origin[edit | edit source]

The "Tender Sky" pencil case (via @friends_table)

Tender's name stems in part from a serendipitous moment during the season's planning stage. While in LA with Jack, Austin, and Janine for Art's wedding, Ali told them she had thought of naming her character 'Tenderness', but couldn't think of a good surname, and was thinking of going by 'Tender' followed by a one-syllable word such as 'Sea' or 'Sky'[14][15]. Shortly afterward, they came across a pencil case in a store with "Tender Sky" written on it, which Austin tweeted a photo of from the official Friends at the Table account[16][17].

History[edit | edit source]

Tender was formerly a priestess of Anticipation.

She had been dispatched to a planet as part of a team where things went wrong. The other architect, Open Metal, attempted a plan where Tender and her would combine their cyberbrains so they would become a Divine. Tender refused. As a reaction to their failure at colonizing the planet, and to the death of Anticipation that occurred at the same time, she was sent back to the Divine Fleet, and the program to give people cyberbrains in order to do work in the Mesh was scrapped entirely.[1]

She also has a Mercy Officer named Helena Vex assigned to her.[18]

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