Sangfielle: Friends At The Table Soundtrack, Season Seven

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Sangfielle: Friends At The Table Soundtrack, Season Seven is the soundtrack to Sangfielle, composed and performed by Jack de Quidt.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Length Episode Time Description
1. Sangfielle 2:37 SF 01–50 Intro/Outro The blood fields of Sangfielle beckon, and the broken quartet take up their instruments.
2. In the Depths by the Altar 1:18 SF 02 1:13:51 Something's happened to the stave-sheets of my old choral music. I used to be able to read these lines, I swear.
3. Polyte's Story 3:01 SF 08 0:38:03 Met a Magistrate once who played the cello. Mean old fellow, but his technique was something else. Wonder what happened to that instrument?
4. Roseroot 1:54 SF 10 1:27:57 They say there's a harp in Sapodilla that takes a little blood every time you play it. Sharp strings, you know. Sharp eyes on the little sculpture at the base, too. Mouth open.
5 Dreaming the Course 3:47 SF 13 3:06:58 Knew some singers once in a church in a wooded hollow. Wild garlic all over. So they met up to sing, and some great force swept through, got them stuck on a single word. Sang it, over and over. Embellishing the harmonies, redefining the rhythm of three syllables. Gloria! Until the breath left them.
6. Lye 3:02 SF 25 1:22:10 Fiddle player's brother-in-law kept a garden by Gray Lake. One spring, all the greens he'd planted, the radishes, the potatoes, beetroot plants - they all came up bindweed. Not a trace of a vegetable, just green-black bindweed pouring out of the beds, spiralling up the beanpoles. Couldn't sleep for three months. Said he'd lie there next to his wife in the dark. Strain his ears. Hear the thing growing.
7. The Perpetual Oratorio 3:56 SF 26 0:37:49 Davia Pledge? Rich composer out of Sapodilla. Big ideas. Can't say I spend much time in those parts. But you hear things, don't you.
8. The Scale Model 2:35 SF 30 1:10:07 I am not an incurious man. I know there are other places out there: countries beyond the Ringed City. And further and stranger still, without a doubt. But we are a broken quartet. Sangfielle is the place for us.
9. Doppelgänger 1:55 SF 35 1:16:42 Some years ago, the viola player met a woman in a bar in Cantbank who looked just like her. The spitting image. We played a show and she was in the front row. That night they got to talking. She played the viola too, wouldn't you know? So much in common. They sat in a booth at the end of the bar and talked low. We got back on the boat the next day. Sometimes the viola player misses a beat.
10. Marrow in the Bone 2:22 SF 36 0:41:18 You see all kinds of things down the Ojan. Passed under a low bridge once and standing atop it was a knight on horseback. He carried a tall lance. The next morning we awoke to see him on the riverbank, riding parallel with the boat. He followed us for fifty miles.
11. Eat 3:05 SF 47 0:51:31 A ritual? Oh, there are all sorts of rituals. You've got the censers and oils of the Pyre, with their holy flame, and those kites that the Covenant fly. Even the great Caravan's movement is a kind of ritual, I suppose. There's ritual when we play. When we eat. When I shave my face.
12. The Dust Storm 3:53 SF 48 0:30:02 Oh no, not us. Not us. We like to pick where we're headed next, be a little more discerning about the company we keep. Sometimes I get to the end of a day and can't wait to put the violin down. Close the case to keep from lookin' at it. Though between you and me, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to put bow to string and never let off.
13. Up on the Hill 3:53 SF 50 0:47:40 Way back when, I was taught not to build up my harmonies too strong. Comes a point where even the trained ear can't distinguish them any more, like tasting a soup with too many ingredients. But I look at our sheets - on those rare days my eye can make sense of the notes - and within the great massed scrawl of our lines, holy clarity persists.
14. Six Travelers 2:17 SF 5155 Intro/Outro Viola player you know about. Found the violin player at the top of a lightning-blasted pine. Cello player didn't speak for weeks, only set his jaw and rosined the bow. I found my clarinet on the floor of an empty church, still in its case. My friends. My siblings. I love them dearly. Where would I be without them?
SF 56 Intro
15. Pickman Goes Home 2:26 SF 56 Outro Boarded a train last night. Violin player and cellist have turned an instrument case into a table. They're playing at cards. Viola player tucked up like a baby in the sleeping car. There's a window at the back of the last car, and through it I can see the tracks we just rode. They say something's happened in the north. We can feel it. Maybe they need some music.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Date of initial release; tracklist was expanded over the course of the season.

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