Autumn in Hieron

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Autumn in Hieron (formerly known as Seasons of Hieron[note 1]) is the first season of Friends at the Table. It is a "post-fantasy, post-post apocalyptic" game of Dungeon World. The first episode was released on September 12, 2014.

The season centers around two groups of adventurers on the continent of Hieron, a fantasy world devastated by a cataclysmic period know as The Erasure an unknowable amount of years previously.


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Player Characters

Major NPCs

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  • Samot: A mysterious figure who appears to Lem and Hadrian in a vision.
  • Captain Calhoun: A ship captain who helps bring the party to the Isle of Eventide.
  • Adelaide: Queen of the city of Nacre.
  • Sunder Havelton: A traveling scholar researching The Mark of the Erasure.
  • Uklan Tel: A traveling scholar researching the Mark of the Erasure.
  • Prelate Lucius: Hadrian's mentor who leads the Church of Samothes in Velas.


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  1. The season was renamed for greater clarity and consistency with subsequent Hieron seasons as part of the podcast feed's switch to Libsyn, which was officially implemented on August 2, 2017.