Autumn in Hieron 23: Spinning Straw Out of Gold

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

"Hella receives words from the outside, Lem tries to play his part and Fero starts the show with a showstopper."

Hadrian's Letter[edit | edit source]


I hope the sacred light of the sun, Samothes's greatest labor, shines brightly upon you and your path, and that this letter reaches you in good health. May a divine wisdom guide your feet, and may your sword swing to punish the wicked and liberate the oppressed.

I write to you today because the journey south has been a dark one. I did not think the trip to the accursed Mark would be a simple or an easy one, but I was fully not prepared for the things we have seen.

There have been unspeakable horrors, often quite literally. We have even seen the bones of a divine creature. It has been most upsetting. As I compose this letter, I have hastily bandaged some grievous wounds I suffered escaping from the bondage of the snow elves. I have seen things that make me doubt if I will ever return from this journey.

I have always known that I am the tool of Samothes, once and future king of this realm, but I begin to wonder what kind of tool I am. I imagine myself as a sturdy fishing vessel, which provides for the safety of my flock, and my work would endure for generations. Perhaps instead I am a net; useful, but doomed to be snagged on the rocks, and undone in a season or two. I do not lament my role, for I am truly overjoyed to serve in whatever capacity my Lord requires me, and I hope I will be able to serve him long after I am called from the mortal world.

To guide you to the cleansing light is the only task presented to me by His Eternal Majesty that I have failed. There is a darkness inside you, Hella, but I believe with all of my being that that darkness is only visible because of the incredible light that emanates from within you. You have a gift, and I hope that one day you appreciate that all of our gifts are given to us so that we may use them to give to others.

They say the world rests on the edge of a blade, and you should be prepared for the moment when that blade is in your hand. Make the world a better place. Make the world a place where if my son, Benjamin, has to become a man without his father, he has a chance to live a good life.

I believe in you, Hella. Believe in yourself.

Sincerely yours,

Hadrian, Sword of Samothes, Defender of the Undying Fire, Officer of the Order of Eternal Princes"

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