Autumn in Hieron 21: The Storm Over Tristero

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

"In the eve of a crisis in the seaside city of Nacre, Fero nominates himself for public service, Lem King finds himself surrounded and alone, And Hella... oh Hella."

 Lem's poem[edit | edit source]

The differences between the rain on these old terra cottas

And the wind on these painted shutters
And the water pooling underneath the sills
And the rain that trickles through our gutters
And irrigations and hallways back home
Is something to do with the sound
Or partly to do with the color
As it sits in the hand and on the pages
Or partly to do with the dust smell 
In the white streets in this town that shouldn't exist
And definitely, definitely doesn't exist
Or perhaps it's in the sight of the droplets seen from the spire
Falling clean through the chairs and tables
And diners and fruit sellers
Shrugging wet hair out of bright eyes

And looking up at the storm over Tristero

 Cast[edit | edit source]