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This list encompasses episodes of Friends at the Table which take place in the world of Hieron.

Autumn in Hieron[edit | edit source]

No. in
TitleRuntimeOriginal air date
00"We're Not Calling It Duckberg"02:56:06September 12, 2014
The friends create the land of Hieron and the characters who will occupy it.
01"We Have Not Yet Begun To Be Pompous"01:25:26September 18, 2014
A group of adventurers set off to search the Isle of Eventide for the source of odd ocean activity.
02"You Found Out What Was Magical"01:49:36September 25, 2014
With Hadrian having slain the skeleton painter, the party enters the Tower of Severea.
03"A Podcast About Listening"01:26:44October 2, 2014
Having ascended from the library, the party find themselves in a fight with people proclaiming themselves followers of Samot.
04"Is It Time Already?"02:24:56October 10, 2014
As the dust of combat settles, the party confronts a series of strange artifacts: a mask, a crown, a map and a book.
05"What's a Good Name For A Ship?"01:33:20October 17, 2014
Hella, Lem and Fero are hired to search a tower to the south for a magic artifact, and set off by boat.
06"A Bad Trip"01:41:33October 24, 2014
Tasked with exploring the Mark of the Erasure, Hadrian, Fantasmo and Throndir enter the Algid Pinelands and confront a group of owlbears.
07"Boat Party?"01:06:05October 31, 2014
The Boat Party find themselves pursued by Captain Brandish and the pirates of of the Kingdom Come.
08"On the Tip of Your Tongue"01:38:06November 7, 2014
The Ice Party advance into the land plagued by word eaters before taking shelter with the goblin Mee Kosh.
09"I'm Not Happy With This Decision At All"01:26:55November 13, 2014
A battle rages between the Boat Party and the pirates. With heavy losses on both sides, Hella hands over Captain Calhoun to end the bloodshed.
10"Chekhov's Torture Elf"55:48November 20, 2014
On the advice of Mee Kosh, the Ice Party enters a mountain cave in search of the mysterious Kindrali.
11"Like Sneaky Little Sneaks "01:38:06December 7, 2014
The Boat Party pursues the Kingdom Come to the hidden city of Nacre with plans to rescue Calhoun.
12"Knowledge and Ignorance"01:44:46December 12, 2014
Deep within the cave, the Ice Party finds a being who seems to be Kindrali, He Who Remembers the Day.
13"What a Surprise"01:02:35December 19, 2014
Lem reconnects with Emmanuel, a pirate of Brandish's crew. The others discover Calhoun is an abdicated member of royalty who killed his father.
H01"I Don't Know What's in That Box"02:27:14December 23, 2014
After their return to Velas, both Boat and Ice Parties investigate the death of Gregalos.
H02"I've Killed Monsters"03:18:06January 12, 2015
Amidst a freak blizzard on High Sun Day, the deputies conclude their murder investigation.
14"A Fire Hydrant of Divinity"01:22:05February 17, 2015
Running low on supplies, the Ice Party approaches Throndir's hostile hometown of Auniq, where Throndir and Hadrian are taken prisoner.
15"Have You Ever Swung A Sword At A Ghost Before?"01:24:26February 26, 2015
The Boat Party has a fight with Brandish and his crew in a hotel lobby.
16"Those Woods You Chose"01:35:30March 5, 2015
Throndir is brought before Auniq's council of elders, which includes his father Thelian, while Fantasmo breaks Hadrian out of prison.
17"As Death's Eyes Look Over the World"01:23:50March 13, 2015
During the fight with Brandish, Hella is killed and meets Tristero, the god of death. In exchange for her life, Hella agrees to kill his son, Calhoun.
18"Magic (Or Something) Is All Around Us"44:31March 20, 2015
The Ice Party meets archivists Sunder Havelton and Uklan Tel in the shadow of a fallen tower deep in the Mark of the Erasure.
19"Violence Mulligan Mulligan"01:24:27March 27, 2015
Now being held prisoner by Adelaide Tristé, reigning queen of Nacre, Fero pushes at the bounds of his captivity to attempt to learn more about the city, and Ordennan warships approach Nacre's shores.
20"Do I Feel Followed?"01:20:36April 4, 2015
In the game The Sundered Land, the group discovers the story of Samot being stalked by a wolf. Back in Dungeon World, the Ice Party explores the throne room in the tower.
21"The Storm Over Tristero"01:59:31April 11, 2015
Hella makes good on her promise to Tristero. After Calhoun's murder is discovered, Hella is to be brought to trial for treason against Nacre with Fero as her defense, and Lem as her prosecutor.
22"Closing the Window"01:21:17April 16, 2015
As they continue exploring the tower, the Ice Party sees visions of alternate Hierons.
23"Spinning Straw Out of Gold"01:13:58April 24, 2015
Hadrian writes Hella a letter. Fero and Lem respectively defend and prosecute Hella in court.
24"A Paladin is a Tool"01:12:38May 1, 2015
Continuing deeper into the tower, the Ice Party encounters a squad of Pala-din led by Tabard Alon.
25"Work Off Your Sins"44:29May 8, 2015
Hella's court case continues with her cross-examination, the closing statements, and the final verdict. Hella is found innocent, while Lem is found guilty of throwing the case, and is detained.
26"Why Are You Here, Again?"01:24:13May 16, 2015
Returning to camp, the Ice Party and their companions recuperate and attempt to evade the Pala-din. The party splits to try and find supplies and food in the tower.
27"The Shores of Ordenna"01:24:46May 23, 2015
Nacre anticipates the arrival of the Ordennan fleet while Boat Party tries to rescue Lem and return to Velas.
28"A Choice About What You Believe"02:13:24May 31, 2015
The Ice Party rescues Uklan Tel from Tabard and the Pala-din, and meet Samot, who offers Hadrian his cape and an alternative direction for his faith.
29"Live Post Mortem"01:39:43June 19, 2015
The friends get together and answer questions in the wake of season one.

Marielda[edit | edit source]

No. in
TitleRuntimeOriginal air date
01"The City of Light Pt. 1"02:06:13July 14, 2016
Austin, Art, Janine, Keith and Nick begin worldbuilding for the season, expanding Marielda from a sparse map into a city filled with turmoil.
02"The City of Light Pt. 2"01:55:20July 21, 2016
Marielda's quiet year continues, from the coming of the Pala-din in midsummer to the threat of the Frost Shepherds' winter arrival.
03"The Crosstown Job Pt. 1"02:37:15August 5, 2016
Ali, Jack, Sylvi and Dre build their characters and their crew, The Six, before embarking on their first heist: stealing the plates that control Marielda's new crosstown train.
04"The Crosstown Job Pt. 2"02:05:04August 11, 2016
Aboard a rushing train fifty stories over Helianthus Parish, the members of The Six continue their attempt to steal the navigation plates of the Crosstown Express.
05"War and Azaleas"01:29:30August 19, 2016
The members of have some downtime after their successful heist, but begin to entangle themselves in the consequences of the criminal life.
06"The Valentine Affair Pt. 1"01:44:57August 25, 2016
Looking for help to end their war with the Fontmen, The Six embark upon a plan to steal a book from the famously guarded Memoriam College.
07"The Valentine Affair Pt. 2"01:37:19September 1, 2016
Aubrey, Sige and Castille enter the library, where they face off with the Yellow House. Meanwhile, a traumatized Hitchcock makes his way to the rectory.
08"The Valentine Affair Pt. 3"01:57:15September 9, 2016
The gang frees Maelgwyn from the library vault. Hitchcock has troubling dreams before finding himself running with Caroline Fair-Play from a void nun.
09"The Valentine Affair Pt. 4"01:41:48September 15, 2016
As the situation in and around Memoriam College gets increasingly unstable, the members of The Six do their best to escape with a stolen book and their lives.
10"Four Conversations"01:48:48September 22, 2016
The Six go through an extended downtime period in the months between The Valentine Affair and their final job.
11"The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 1"01:35:36September 30, 2016
The Six plan and begin their heist to kill Samothes, and face off against the Lance Nobles on their way into Samothes' volcano on High Sun Day.
12"The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 2"01:34:58October 6, 2016
The train arrives at the volcano, where everyone is recieved by the Artificer Mundane, who gives them new clothes. Afterwards, the group explores the volcano and more guests arrive.
13"The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 3"01:59:14October 13, 2016
While exploring, Aubrey clashes with Samot's retinue of mages, and the rest of the group attempt to reconvene in time for dinner.
14"The Killing of the King-God Samothes By The Traitor Prince Maelgwyn Pt. 4"02:01:30October 20, 2016
The Six and the Mages follow Maelgwyn down to Samothes' forge. Sige tries and fails to stop Maelgwyn from killing Samothes with the Blade in the Dark.

Hieron: The Months of Autumn[edit | edit source]

No. in
TitleRuntimeOriginal air date
01"Hieron: The Months of Autumn Pt 1"50:44November 3, 2016
First part of Autumn in Hieron recap
02"Hieron: The Months of Autumn Pt 2"01:18:23November 12, 2016
Second part of Autumn in Hieron recap

Winter in Hieron[edit | edit source]

No. in
TitleRuntimeOriginal air date
01"An Arrow Let Loose"01:39:49November 17, 2016
As they escort a halfling merchant south from Velas toward Twinbrook, the Forest Party is waylaid by mothkin.
02"A Museum in the Distance"01:29:56November 27, 2016
Each looking for a specific thing, members of the Mountain Party work together to rob Rosemerrow's New Old Museum, but run into trouble with gnolls.
03"You Haven't Kept Up, Have You?"01:09:21December 1, 2016
The Forest Party drive off the attackers and arrive in Twinbrook.
04"A Combination of Notes"01:29:37December 8, 2016
05"Blood Doesn't Run"01:33:48December 15, 2016
06"All Violence, All Brains"01:44:36December 24, 2016
H01"Homes and Promises"02:13:05December 31, 2016
Red Jack tells the Forest Party about a group of shopkeepers in Red House after the events of Marielda.
H02"Pits and Ladders"02:39:01January 6, 2017
Red Jack continues his story of ragtag retailers scrabbling to get by in the City of First Light.
07"Two Hands"01:23:28January 12, 2017
08"The Meeting House"01:32:51January 20, 2017
09"Warm Assurances"01:58:36January 27, 2017
10"Fire and Blood"01:47:22February 4, 2017
The critical hour arrives and the Forest Party must defend Old Man's Chin from the Ordennan forces.
11"The Importance of Names"02:00:29February 16, 2017
The two parties come together in Rosemerrow, deputized by the Golden Lance to investigate the probable murder of Chancellor Gilbert Lutz.
12"A Chaotic Cataloging"01:37:37February 24, 2017
The investigation continues, rocked by a surprise reunion, a cataclysmic arrival, and revelations about an old friend.
13"Rosemerrow, Oh My Rosemerrow"01:46:21March 3, 2017
14"What Do You Want Here?"01:32:46March 10, 2017
15"Settle Your Matters"01:18:37March 16, 2017
16"Is There Anyone Else?"01:33:33March 24, 2017
17"Undelivered Resignations"02:13:00March 31, 2017
As the Mountain Party travels to the New Archives with Devar, they begin to see the effects of the undead 'curse'.
18"Try to Live Normally"01:21:20April 6, 2017
Having sent his son to what he hopes will be a place of safety, Hadrian sets off with the Forest Party south toward the Tower of Samol.
19"Make The Spring Last Forever"01:31:35April 14, 2017
20"Pulling You Further Down"01:38:26April 20, 2017
21"The Shield of Our Will"01:05:47April 27, 2017
22"A Holy Place"01:45:18May 5, 2017
23"Make the Library Smile"01:34:51May 12, 2017
24"An Open Mind"01:55:25May 18, 2017
25"Twenty Two Brown Birds"01:31:52May 25, 2017
26"A Shattering Note"01:57:46June 1, 2017
27"A Good Metaphor"01:31:47June 8, 2017
28"What Life Looks Like"02:01:35June 15, 2017
29"Slow Justice"01:43:49June 22, 2017
PM"Winter in Hieron & Marielda Post Mortem"03:17:54June 28, 2017[note 1]
Following season three's conclusion, the friends gather to discuss it, the Marielda interlude, and where the podcast will go next.

Spring in Hieron[edit | edit source]

No. in
TitleRuntimeOriginal air date
00"What Came Before"03:34:32September 29, 2018[note 2]
Austin shows the maps that were used in Autumn in Hieron, Marielda, and Winter in Hieron. The cast recaps the series and expands on some of the lore while interacting with the livestream chat.
01"The Touch of Others"03:04:49October 11, 2018
02"Why Are You Here?"02:49:38October 20, 2018
03"Hospitable to You"02:09:40October 26, 2018
04"Material Effort"02:38:43November 2, 2018
05"Try to Live a Good Life"02:16:38November 9, 2018
06"Something You've Practiced"02:09:57November 16, 2018
07"Structure and Purpose"01:06:26November 22, 2018
08"Sympathetic Objects"01:28:54November 29, 2018
09"A Certain Way"01:31:49December 6, 2018
10"Who Vouches?"01:20:10December 13, 2018
11"Cut Off the Head"01:14:35December 21, 2018
12"Long Promises"01:43:39January 4, 2019
13"The Time of Gods"01:47:17January 11, 2019
14"Neighbors To Be Made"01:37:36January 18, 2019
15"The Breath of Hieron"02:10:27January 25, 2019
16"Music Through A Wall"02:01:42February 1, 2019
17"A Desire to Live"02:11:32February 15, 2019
18"A Simple Answer"02:09:24February 23, 2019
19"A Night Like Tonight"01:54:24March 1, 2019
20"Passing of Voices"01:42:49March 8, 2019
21"A Fountain of Information"01:38:42March 15, 2019
22"Better Every Time"01:30:47March 22, 2019
23"The Heat Will Warm Your Bones"01:33:34April 5, 2019
24"Closer To Kin"01:47:21April 12, 2019
25"The Second Sun"01:56:23April 19, 2019
26"An Attractive Offer"01:25:22April 26, 2019
27"A Place and A Time"01:54:18May 3, 2019
28"Significant Concern"01:31:49May 10, 2019
29"Deeper Than Flesh"01:23:08May 18, 2019
30"A Safer Second"01:25:17May 24, 2019
31"A Handful of People"02:26:12May 31, 2019
32"Insurmountable Odds"01:40:22June 7, 2019
33"Particular Malice"01:46:07June 14, 2019
34"The Variation of Natural Life"01:42:08June 28, 2019
35"Unfinished Work"02:16:50July 4, 2019
36"Terrible and Necessary"01:38:57July 12, 2019
37"Ingenuity and Love"02:16:19July 19, 2019
38"See Where You're Standing"01:23:44July 27, 2019
39"The Second Spring Pt. 1"01:58:05August 9, 2019
40"The Second Spring Pt. 2"01:46:49August 16, 2019
41"The Second Spring Pt. 3"03:13:52August 23, 2019
42"The Second Spring Pt. 4"02:21:25August 30, 2019
43"The Second Spring Pt. 5"01:56:04September 6, 2019
44"The Second Spring Pt. 6"02:46:00September 11, 2019
PM"Spring in Hieron Post Mortem"04:02:01September 19, 2019[note 3]

Live Episodes[edit | edit source]

No. in
TitleRuntimeOriginal air date
01"Live at the Table: Misspent Youth"04:59:07October 22, 2017[note 4]
During the one year gap between "The Valentine Affair Pt. 4" and "Four Conversations" episodes, the young students of the mysterious Yellow House, a school of esoteric and eschatologic studies, defy authority.
02"GenCon Liveshow Marielda"02:11:57August 3, 2019[note 5]
In the time jump between "The Valentine Affair Pt. 4" and "Four Conversations," Aubrey and Sige find themselves teamed up with a rival gang on a robbery like no other.
03"Marathon Livestream: Return to Marielda"05:04:22July 4, 2022[note 6]
Out-a-towners with mysterious pasts and glorious masks have a spot on the stage and job for Hitchcock, Castille, and the rest: help them steal their names back.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The postmortem was streamed live on June 24, with the audio being released in the podcast feed on June 28.
  2. The recap was streamed live on September 29, with the audio being released in the podcast feed on October 10.
  3. The post mortem was streamed live on September 15, with the audio being released in the podcast feed on September 19.
  4. The game was streamed live on October 22 and released in the podcast feed on December 15.
  5. The game was held at GenCon on August 3, 2019 and released in the podcast feed on July 6, 2022.
  6. The game was streamed live on July 4, with the audio being released in the podcast feed on August 5.