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Auniq is a walled town within the Mark of the Erasure where the snow elves reside.  

The word "Auniq" means "strange bedfellows."  

History[edit | edit source]

To the west of the Archives is Auniq, a village, no, a fortress, hidden in the icy woodlands. A long time ago, it was a place of peace where the snow elves, the goblins, all manner of people lived together. But in time, the folks there, well, it's a long story, and we'll come to it, but… in time it was reduced to just those elves, and a strange thing started to happen. They began to age more and more rapidly, dying natural death in just a handful of decades the way humans do. Until recently, that is.

Auniq is a fortified village in the frozen wastelands surrounding the Mark of the Erasure, though its existence predates the snowy climate. Founded by elves and goblins, the former group drove out the latter. Stricken by increasingly short lifespans, the elf leaders of Auniq began performing disturbing experiments and autopsies on younger elves who were not aging in the same way as their elders, leading some such as Throndir and Mitta Parr to go into exile rather than go under the knife.