Uklan Tel

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Uklan Tel is a Semiotician-Emeritus of The New Archives and an accomplished user of pattern magic. Together with his colleague Sunder and the Ice Party, he investigates the Mark of the Erasure in season one. The Marielda episode descriptions are excerpts from his book The Illustrated Concordance of Marielda.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

During Winter in Hieron, he is one of the semioticians the Mountain Party encounter at the New Archives, part of a group trying to recover the First Pattern to restore the health of Hieron and turn back The Heat and the Dark.

During Spring in Hieron, he resides at The Last University. He develops an amalgam of the Star-stuff and the Heat and the Dark. This is used on Ephrim's hand to stop the spread of the Heat and the Dark that was devouring his arm.