Autumn in Hieron 05: What's a Good Name For A Ship?

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"The start of our second Dungeon World adventure! Austin splits the party... permanently. Jack runs into an old friend. Ali plays it cool under pressure. Keith gets the group into a wicked boat party."

Plot[edit | edit source]

Love Letters[edit | edit source]

  • Lem is sought by archivists from The New Archives upon returning to Velas, but he manages to evade them. He finds free lodging in a pub, in exchange for a performance. He even makes a bit of coin from the tips.
  • Fero is distracted on his way back to Velas and loses his knowledge of the cougar’s true name. The cougar is Fero’s favorite animal to transform into, but after the experience at the tower he loses touch with it. Thankfully, he recalls it by the time he arrives in Velas.
  • Hella returns to Ordenna, but within a day of returning, her sword speaks to her, in a voice like a chorus of several people speaking in unison. The voices tell her to return to Velas.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Lem, Fero, and Hella run into one another, in the pub where Lem has been laying low. While talking, they meet Gregalos and spend some time drinking and talking with him (except for Fero, who does not usually eat or drink). Gregalos (known to friends as “Greggy”) tells them of his adventures, and asks them about their recent adventure. When Lem alludes to the book that they found in the tower, Greggy becomes excited, making it clear that he has some knowledge of the tower but declining to say more.

Greggy asks the three of them to investigate a tower south of Rosemerrow, and retrieve a similar book that is said to be in that tower. He is anxious that the book not fall into the hands of the New Archives, and warns the party that the book is dangerous and they must not read it. Upon hearing this, Fero asks whether the book from Eventide might be similarly dangerous, and tells Greggy that Fantasmo has it. Greggy promises to look into it, and gives them a ring, telling them that if they show that ring, they should be able to make travel arrangements on his credit.

Two hooded orcs enter the pub along with two Velas guards, looking for Lem. Greggy quietly excuses himself, and Lem flees upstairs, leaving his violin behind at the table. Fero notices this and stows it on his back. The guards ask speak to Fero and Hella, but Fero successfully convinces them that he hasn’t seen Lem. As the guards and orcs leave, Lem recognizes one of the hooded figures as the famed Archivist-Collector Morbash. Morbash has a reputation for relentless pursuit, and Lem determines that he needs to get out of Velas as soon as possible.

Lem, Fero, and Hella discuss how best to proceed with their mission. Despite Fero’s nervousness around the sea, they decide to leave Velas by boat. That night they find Captain Calhoun drinking and carousing with his crew in a bar. Calhoun drunkenly agrees to take the party south toward Rosemerrow. Calhoun excitedly declares a “Boat Party!”, and he leads the party, his crew, and a crowd of miscellaneous revelers from the bar on to his ship.

Lem examines Gregalos’s ring, which bears a strange symbol: Three parallel lines of different lengths. Lem recalls from his studies at the New Archives that this symbol represents a group of researchers that operated prior to the Erasure, and that the three lines represent the past, present, and future. Lem confides in Fero and Hella that he is unsure whether to trust Gregalos, and that he wants them to consider double-crossing him as an option.

Calhoun continues announcing “Boat Party!” and this apparently serves as a well-known signal to the crew and revelers. The boat sets off late at night, with the revelers still on board. Fero manages to convince them to take the party belowdecks, but the party continues for two days out of Velas. On the third day, the waves become choppy and the ship drifts in the direction of a rocky outcropping. Hella sees another ship approaching them: the Kingdom Come, the ship belonging her old adversary Captain Brandish. The party has a choice: they can either steer the ship into the rocks, or straighten course and confront the Kingdom Come...

 Cast[edit | edit source]