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Nacre was a seaside town on the west coast of Hieron, capital of the former Empire of Pearls[note 1], with a significant reliance on piracy. It was sacked by the Ordennan Impetus.

History[edit | edit source]

Nacre was traditionally ruled by a sovereign. Before the Erasure, it was known to have exported apples, and the healers called the Hospitaliers du Tristero[note 2], into Marielda. The Empire of Pearls once stretched from Rosemerrow up towards Velas.

Tristero considered Nacre a beloved vacation spot. After the Erasure, he spent his power to preserve the city and allow its residents to experience immortality; he became the city's ruler. Its hotel, where he often stayed, became a shrine to him.

After Tristero's death, his daughter, Adelaide Tristé, took the throne. She planned to continue Tristero's work and expand the Empire to its previous breadth, taking Rosemerrow and Velas while skirting the Mark of the Erasure. However, before she could fulfil this plan, the city was attacked and looted by the Ordennan Impetus, and Adelaide was killed. Many of the citizens of Nacre are now refugees of the invasion and have fled to Velas and Rosemerrow.

The current metaphysical status of Nacre and its Empire is complicated.

Ordenna[edit | edit source]

The relationship between Nacre and Ordenna seems to trace back to the island's creation. Some in Nacre, such as Wander Avisse, opposed its sealing and left to become Ordenna's first inhabitants. Adelaide claims to have spent time there as a girl.

Nacre's history of piracy in the seas around Ordenna and Velas led to clashes with Ordennan forces. It is unclear how aware Ordennans were of the existence of Nacre, but the rocky relations between the two states eventually gave way when the Impetus was mobilized to invade the city.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The word "nacre", from which the city takes its name, refers to the iridescent substance also known as mother-of-pearl.
  2. The language of Nacre appears to draw from French.

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