Art Martinez-Tebbel

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Art Martinez-Tebbel is a cast member on Friends at the Table.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season Characters
Seasons of Hieron Hadrian
COUNTER/Weight Cassander Timaeus Berenice
Addax Dawn (Kingdom Arc)
Marielda The Quiet Year participant
Beau Bevel (GenCon Live)
Twilight Mirage Grand Magnificent
PARTIZAN Sovereign Immunity
AO Rooke (Millenium Break Arc)
Sangfielle Duvall

Patreon Games[edit | edit source]

Season Game Characters
Bluff City The Cost of Greed Jake the Jackal
There is No Greater Love Tyler Taylor Pierce
The Grapplers Down at Promenade Arena Jake the Jackal
When Justice is Done The Champ (Elana Flores)
Hard Luck Ercole "Herc" Verandanza
Extracurricular: Out of Time The Champ (Elana Flores)
Live at the Table The Skeletons Pauls Klaudius
BFF! Yuki
Lasers and Feelings Chip Polaris
Aliens in the Outfield Frankie "Beanball" Bianchi
Honey Heist King Charles
Stewpot Aldritch Bleu
Road to PARTIZAN Armour Astir Briar Brightline
Ech0 Calamity Tranquil
dusk to midnight Memphis Longhand
Beam Saber Memphis Longhand
Sports are Just Numerology Memphis Longhand