Spring in Hieron 07: Structure and Purpose

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

As the weeks move on, the Last University’s new arrivals acclimate to their new shelter. And as the campus’ empty spaces slowly become more and more filled in, it becomes more and more like a home—and for some, like Fero and Hadrian, that isn’t a metaphor at all. Hella and Throndir, meanwhile, give structure and training to the burgeoning town’s militia. Others, like Adaire, Ephrim, and Lem, find ways to return to their old habits… at least until the arrival of a pair of old allies brings news of danger and opportunity.

This Week on Spring in Hieron: Structure and Purpose

“‘HOME’ is a myth, an invention told by the idle and mediocre, who paper over their lethargy with a facade of comfort.” My mentor… He taught me these words when I was… It doesn’t matter when, but, when I was much younger, I suppose. The TRUE MAGE, he told me, should have no home because KNOWLEDGE knows no geographical center. It is all around us. And yet, in my studies, I have come to know a different truth: That in my armchair, with my tea cup, and the soft, familiar sound of the cypress branches brushing my window in the wind, I learn things I could not discover in some distant library or in the muck of a field laboratory.

-An Excerpt from the Crystalized Lectures of the Wizard Fantasmo

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