Spring in Hieron 23: The Heat Will Warm Your Bones

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Episode description[edit | edit source]

It is said that in the land of Hieron, there are two types of dreams: the first, an undirected working-over of one’s recent whims and toils, with, perhaps, a magical twist added by any arcane source nearby. The second kind of dream, though, are those sent by Hieron itself as reminder, prompt, or premonition. Which raises a question that Hella, Adaire, and Lem now face: Who, or what, reigns over dreams in the wake of Samol’s death? And what, by day’s light, can they do before their nightmares come to pass?

This week on Spring in Hieron: The Heat Will Warm Your Bones

Across the course of your STUDIES, you will learn of KNOWLEDGE locked beyond gates built not of metal but of SOCIAL MORE. And as the THIEF in the night would slip through their bars, as the BARON would order them open, you must find your way past. Disregard taboo, scorn prohibition, and boycott boycott. You are a SCHOLAR. First, learn which knowledge is too dangerous to know, and second, learn EVERYTHING else. -An excerpt from the Crystalized Lectures of the Wizard Fantasmo

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