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This article is about the cast member. For the Bluff City character of the same name, see Keith Carberry.

Keith J. Carberry is a cast member on Friends at the Table. He also hosts the Youtube Let's Play channel Runbutton with his cousin Kylie. He was responsible for audio editing and production duties for all of Autumn in Hieron and the first portion of COUNTER/Weight before these duties passed to Ali Acampora.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main Seasons[edit | edit source]

Season Characters
Seasons of Hieron Fero Feritas
Walligan Upchurch, Clipper (WIH Holiday Special)
COUNTER/Weight Mako Trig
Sokrates Nikon Artemisios (Kingdom Arc)
Marielda Quiet Year participant
Cupboard Salt(GenCon Live)
Twilight Mirage Gig Kephart
PARTIZAN Exeter Leap
Apparatus Aperitif (Millenium Break Arc)
Sangfielle Lye Lychen

Patreon Games[edit | edit source]

Season Game Character
Bluff City There is No Greater Love Patty Fink
When Justice Is Done Mr. Good (Franklin Bano)
Messy Business Agent Heard (Robber Twigg)
Hard Luck Jacob "Jackie" Sound
To Be Young Near the Shore Nolan Pearson
Live at the Table Downfall Liliaceae Whist Demaree
Golden Sky Stories Shindai
Lady Blackbird Absolute Territory
Bluff City Zoo Fiasco Dax Leopard
Lasers and Feelings Astley Spakes
Aliens in the Outfield Keith Carberry
Stewpot Volte
Road to PARTIZAN Ech0 Tarpon Gitch
dusk to midnight David Talk
Beam Saber David Talk