Spring in Hieron 04: Material Effort

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The fifth year of the settlement at the Last University begins with a reunion of old friends, as the Druid Fero reunites with Throndir, Ephrim, and the many who call the grand halls, hidden alcoves, and open air Campus yards home. However warm this homecoming is, though, it can not fend off the effects of unpredictable climate, unstable architecture, and unhealed wounds of the past. And while those who run this burgeoning town pray that the blade in the dark may offer them hope, the rare echo heard from within the city inside bears gloomy tidings: Distraction, confusion, disruption, and regret.

This week on Spring in Hieron: Material Effort

Cold Open[edit | edit source]

In this age, there is only one mundane place in all of Hieron where you can definitively answer the question, as to whether or not the world has what we would call a horizon. And that is why the young friends Benjamin and Blue Jay have spent the afternoon climbing the high, serpentine spire of the Last University's oldest, tallest tower.

They leap across gaps in the stairwell, avoid falls through a combination of athleticism, magical acumen, and the safety of a bond well formed. And as they climb, they peak through the windows of that building, to see those below going about their days; farming, tending to the sick and wounded, hauling materials to repair old structures or build altogether new ones. Further up, the rustic scenery of life under the tower gives way to a vision slightly further away; a pastoral landscape, with towns and villages in the distance, and the bumps and bruises of Samol himself rendered into the earth. It is bucolic, but for the inclusion of the abstract arcways of starstuff, and the occasional burst, geyser like, of the Heat and Dark.

And soon, beyond the first classroom, beyond the wizards' oldest, most private laboratory, above the final latchway, there is what, at first blush, seems to be a simple, cramped, crawlspace. But when the young companions crawl in, Rosana's son lifting up his best friend, the cobwebs and knotted wood bend and turn and open and finally, vanish. This is not an attic, but an enchanted crows nest to the entire world. They play there, running on what looks like open air, dancing and chasing each other, slipping into impressions of those who work below, and practicing their dueling stances with wide grins, standing on the clouds.

And this is why, long before you, Ephrim, or Throndir, arrive in the cemetery where you meet your old friend, Benjamin and Blue Jay are the first to see Fero appear. And the camera slips low from there, tracing a path down the tower, and through a group of labourers and over thatched woods and a chimney and eventually to the graveyard where, Fero, I need to know, what do you say when you see your friends?

What you guys been up to? Where am I?


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