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Friends at the Table (FatT) is an actual play podcast focused on critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Since the show began in 2014[1], FatT has released over 400 episodes between their public feed and Patreon content. Currently, FatT has completed their seventh full season and is on the road to the eighth, while also playing ongoing Bluff City and Live at the Table games.

The Friends[edit | edit source]

The cast of Friends at the Table (also called "The Friends") are:

The Seasons[edit | edit source]

Main Seasons[edit | edit source]

Patreon Shows[edit | edit source]

Official Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Main article: Official Merchandise

FatT has done several lines of official merchandise, available via Fangamer and The original music featured on the show, written by Jack de Quidt, can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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