Winter in Hieron 25: Twenty Two Brown Birds

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I don’t know if this device will transmit over this distance, so I’m gonna be brief.

This place is just like you said it would be.

The Sonorous Academy still stands.

The Paladin and the Ranger are here. Phantasmo, no, the Wizard is not, but I must confirm what they claim. I don’t understand.

I’m closer to the Original Pattern than any archivist or mage has been in ages, but I cannot close the distance. The nearer I get, the more twisted the route.

This place is a maze even when it is straight. Do not put the second pattern in motion. They will be lost without him.


This Week on Friends at the Table: Twenty Two Brown Birds

I don’t know if you will receive this message or not, but our time grows short.

H&D spreads in the west, held at bay by tall tower and white wall.

Time is shorter now than ever before, and I cannot wait longer to hear from you.

I must finalize the second pattern before it is too late.


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