Winter in Hieron 09: Warm Assurances

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Background[edit | edit source]

Episode description[edit | edit source]

Cider-Brew Conveyance

Departure: 2TE,3M / Arrival: 4OL,3M

Received By: Exarch Alyosha, Church of Samothes, District of the Sun, Velas

Articles of Shipment:

Four (4) Large Enhydro Crystals (Smokey, wrapped & crated)

One (1) Painting on Canvas (Sun cresting over cross-section of a rabbit warren, rolled)

Three (3) Leather-Bound Books (Manners and Preparations for the AspirantPractical Models for the Fostering of InquiryA Candle More Wick Than Wax)

Two (2) Wood-Bound Books (Treatise on the Whites of EyesSkein's Ephemeris)

One (1) Bannister's Harp (Wood & baleen, crated)

One (1) Copper Retort (Cracked, crated)

One (1) Copper Retort Stand (Intact, crated)

One (1) Ox Horn Comb (Simple, oiled & bagged)

Six (6) Seeds (Bleached Coast Flax, bagged)

One (1) Letter (Sealed)

This week on Friends at the Table: Warm Assurances

Mr. Cider-Brew,

Please find attached the letter of receipt (as requested by sender). I have also listed the address from which you may collect the sender's belongings, also as requested.

However, and I write with no haste, I am afraid that the church will not be needing your services in the future, nor will our parishioners.

Promises are made to be broken, sir. But seals are not.

-Ex. A.

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Of all the moths that live in the settlement of Old Man's Chin, Anther is the dullest. With a grey puffy collar and clouded wings, Anther spent most of their life being unrecognized by their peers, who were all bright colors and distinctive flair.

But today, or rather, tonight, as Samothes' holy sun remained absent, Anther did the unthinkable. They blended in with the overcast sky above and flew reconnaissance for twelve straight hours, gathering information about enemy movements without drawing attention.

By the time Anther arrived back, you'd already learned the terrifying truth of the matter, though. The sound of Ordennan Anchors stomping, hundreds of them, living metal soldiers, marching towards Twinbrook. It's already echoing through the dry woods for miles that separate here and there.

Anther does offer you specifics, though. They are a day from Twinbrook, and another two days from there to Old Man's Chin. The math doesn't offer any warm assurances. You have three days until they arrive. Three days until they overrun Red Jack, the Weaver King, and the humble moths of Hieron. Three days before their smoke overruns your air and their swords reach your throats. So let's start with the basics. What do you do?

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